Help and Pop Curriculums are a complete and integrated curriculums following the same scientific methodology , the Arabic version of Help curriculum deals with Age range from infant up to 6 years old while Pop curriculum deals with Age range from 6 years old up to 18 years old and above (2)


Help Curriculum

Help term stands for ” Hawaii Early Learning Profile ”  , it initiated as pilot training project from 1971 up to 1979 called “enrichment” for infant with disability , it was supervised by the public health collage in Hawaii university , the “enrichment” project established by the special needs training office in Ministry  of health and health care (currently called special teaching office – ministry of health and human services) in united states of america .


Arabic Version

this curriculum has many features that make him in frontline of other early intervention programs , it is based on assessing the child weakness in skills and abilities comparing with other disabled children of the same age while other early intervention programs assess the skills acquisition itself.


Arabian version updates (Third edition)

Much modifications has been done which make Help Arabian version totally different from the Help full version issued in US , As well as different from the previos two editions in terms of evaluation method and the addition of gap system and calculation of developmental delay and summarize the work of these changes are as follows :


Skills lists

Help Curriculum skills lists was monitored the emergence of the skill in months up to 3 years , but in its Arabian version this had been modified to monitor  the skill emergence for disabled children over 6 years ,


  1. HELP and Bob curriculum in its Arabian version is the result of continuous work over more than 10 years among 17 issued book


Hence the curriculum measurement scale was raised to work with children from the age of 3 to 6 years. Except that some skills might not appear when a child within 6 years and this do not consider inadequate in curriculum scale because the difference in disabled  children’s capabilities of various classifications are very wide differences, but what has been monitoring is all the skills that appeared when disabled children at this age regardless of the type of disability.

These skills scales empowered Help-Pop curriculum to be applied to mentally handicapped children and cases of severe disability and autism spectrum disorder as he evaluates the slow learning and learning difficulties and may well fit with non-disabled children. Here, we must notice the monitoring of the delay in the skills of non-disabled children. It gives a full idea of non-disabled children all the skills they need to have a normal Far away as much as possible from any problems.


Practical Practices and activities guide

based on the modifications in skills scales , the Practical Practices and activities guide will be modified accordingly , a lot of new activities had been added to the guide to fit the modification in curriculum , beside that many ideas from other programs had been used such as teach for autism disorder , Lovaas program and doglass program , In addition to expertise and experience that have been applied with disabled children in the ages range from birth to 6 years, especially on the side of gross and fine motor skills, along with physiotherapy and occupational therapy. also many of those who had been specialized in Help-Pop curriculum  participated in the drafting and forming activities .


This guide has many activities in multiple areas needed by a disabled child, this guide focuses on a very important feature which is imitation and simulation and playing hence the formulation of all activities in the form of play with the child, commensurate with the mental age.(3)



  1. the first, second and third parts of the activities guide include many activities that develop the weakness points of the child




IEP (individual education plan)

According to the difference between the Arab environment and the US environment in which Help-Pop curriculum had been established ,the need to add the area of  individual plan to the curriculum has emerged and the explanation of how to put the plan by specialists in cooperation with parents and the methods of evaluation and follow-up

this curriculum could be applied with any form of IEP because it based on identifying  weakness points and then determine the goals of the plan and then move on to develop activities related to these goals.

We see that this curriculum is very unique because it fits all types of disabilities ad parents and specialist will find many exercises and activities that can be applied with the children without having to dispense one from the other and this is what Help-pop curriculum is trying to prove that without the cooperation between parents and the specialist will not be able to reach the desired result, but slow and limited progress will happen, as well as parents cannot -without the guidance and direction of specialists- to achieve a better result, but emphasize that the use of parents for this curriculum with little knowledge and experience will lead to a definite and significant improvement in the capabilities and skills of their children

There is no doubt that when applying htis curriculum with parents it shows a remarkable progress but apathy and a lack of enthusiasm by parents as a result of the rush in getting the results did not lead to the expected results other than enthused parents, and the way they follow in applying the program and patience ,leads to the desired results.


This comes because of different cases and the response of each case and its interaction with the curriculum,  some cases gave remarkable progress when applying the curriculum but others and as a result of the medical aspects they have there was a delay in getting the needed results is that the parents are not able to realize this thing.


There is no doubt that this curriculum considered as an addition to the Arab community if it has been widely published and applied by specialist in the practical and scientific field because activities and practices guide needs to be applied to the special abilities but not huge, nor impossible, but the most important capabilities is the love of this category of our children with disabilities beside dedication, sincerity and self-denial


HELP curriculum Targeted categories : (4)

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • POP curriculum Targeted Category:
  • POP Curriculum serves mental disability category only


How to use this curriculum :

it is highly preferred to get special training on how to use HELP-POP curriculum through International Certified Trainers from HELP Center for the Middle East and North African in order to perform  in the best possible level

following the instructions mentioned in this curriculum may help significantly on the application but it is likely to be support and assistance in certain matters relating to the assessment and the practical application.


In order to use this guide and it becomes of great benefit to you then you should follow these steps:

  • this guide is used in the evaluation process by identifying the child’s age and then go for the appropriate activities in various field which is related to child’s age.
  • after applying the activity with the child and based on the result of responding, we determine the level of the child and weaknesses, this in case the evaluation done by specialists


  1. Targeted audiences are all categories developmentally delayed, which get benefit of the curriculum


in case the evolution done with parents assistance , in this case we do not use activities guide but we use skills lists.

the activities guide can be used by the parents as well as specialist and all those who work with the child as the activities guide works on child development skills

activities included in the guide in group work with the children inside the school or specialized centers